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By June 28, 2018Training Blog

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you.  It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you”. –Patricia Fripp




Engaging our Prospect


About Topic


Even though our prospect doesn’t come out and say it, nevertheless the only thing that is going through their mind is, “what’s in it for me”? Put yourself in your prospects position, would you want to listen to your own presentation?  Would it capture and hold your attention? What is it that makes you feel comfortable when you are being sold?


Importance of Topic


Many of us are average or even good at many things in life; being average or good does not require much effort at all.  In contrast, each and every one of us is actually great in at least one thing, if not many.  So what is the difference?  What does it take to move from being average or good at something to becoming great at the same thing?  Believe it or not, the same factors that take us from being an average athlete, parent, artist, writer or musician to becoming a great athlete, parent, artist, writer or musician are identical to the factors that take us from being an average sales professional to being a great sales professional. Thought they are simple, the following are four requirements to making the difference between being average or good and being great:


  1. Desire: We must have a burning desire, deeply rooted within us to do what it takes to become great.
  2. Teachable: In every condition in life our direction is either one of improvement or atrophy.  Neither one nor thing in life is ever stagnant.  We are either moving forward or backwards, getting stronger or weaker.
  3. Details: The greatest difference between good and great is just a few tiny adjustments.
  4. Implementation: We can have all the knowledge in the world, but without action this knowledge is worthless.