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Your salespeople may have no problem trying to convince one another which brand of pizza is truly best or which sports star is the most likely to earn MVP status, but they freeze up when trying to convince a prospect to close. In fact, they might even be hesitant to pick up the phone at all or, when they are on a call, spend so much time nervously rambling about your products or services that they never notice whether a lead is unqualified.

Whether you’re thinking about your people’s motivation or about which techniques will turn prospects into customers, you’re really asking questions about human psychology. In our sales consultation sessions, we can help your employees learn the skills they need to be persuasive based on the best sales psychology training. Meanwhile, we’ll teach them about how to adjust the stories they tell themselves and to set clear, realistic goals so they can track their own success.

When you work with Business Minds Research & Development, your people will come away with the ability to listen to and build trust with prospects, the tools to overcome fear and discouragement, a solid understanding of the importance of persistence, and the enthusiasm and motivation they need to reach their sales goals.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar

Before your people can sell successfully and grow profits for your business, they need to believe that they can. Remember, this can’t happen based only on cheerleading by you and the other executives at your company. Instead, your sales employees must have the necessary skills to succeed. Our expert consultants walk your team through the basics of selling, and then go into detail using stories and examples. We cover how to find prospects, how to overcome fear of rejection, and how to decide whether a potential customer is a good fit for your products or services. We also discuss several practical techniques for closing sales.

We will meet with your team weekly for educational sessions about these vital sales skills. During each workshop, we’ll also help your employees understand how they can put the techniques into practice right away. We’ll teach your employees how to change their attitudes by changing the way they think. Then, we’ll help them plan for and chart success.

Throughout our program, we’ll schedule one-on-one sessions with each employee on your sales team to pinpoint areas of needed improvement. We are dedicated to helping each employee reach full potential. We also assign homework tasks and ask your employees to be ready to share their experiences on the sales floor. The whole group learns together and builds camaraderie in the process. Tiered pricing plans are available to fit almost any corporate budget.

When your employees know how to sell and believe in their success because they have seen it happen, profits follow naturally.

“Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy.” – O. B. Smith

During our years of experience with Salt Lake City-area businesses, we have noticed time and again that sales success circles back and builds on itself over time. The more success your people have, the more they will believe in themselves. In turn, the easier it will be to make additional sales and reach profit goals.

In our corporate consulting sessions, we teach your employees about the importance of being enthusiastic about your service or product. We show how quiet, persistent enthusiasm is contagious. There’s no better way to open the door to a prospective sale than to believe in and understand what you’re selling. Then, you can honestly expect the prospect to say yes. Often, they will.

Our workshops and individual mentoring sessions also help your employees understand the importance of listening to their potential customers. When they take the time to ask the right questions, listen for hot points, and understand buying signals, you will not only get more customers, you’ll get customers who a good fit for your offerings.

Finally, we help your employees beat the fear of rejection so they can confidently go for the close. We give them techniques to overcome the moment of tension and give them the tools they need to rebound from the inevitable lost sale.

Selling is simply the art of persuasion combined with the drive to help people get what they need. What could be more human, or more closely related to sales psychology training? We can put our decades of experience to work for your company by teaching your employees what they need to succeed.

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