The word is getting out! Here’s what our clients are saying about their sales training success:

“Not only does Business Minds Research & Development know how to sell and can teach others how to dramatically increase their closing ratios, but I have never met a more unselfish business acquaintance who cares just as much about my business as I do! The best part of all of this is that my sales have more than doubled since last year!”

            -Emily Edmunds

“One of the reasons for our increased success is not only from the sales principles and techniques that Business Minds Research & Development teaches us, but also from his friendly and supportive way of holding us all accountable to the things we know will increase our revenue.”

            -Steve Smith

Since we started working with Business Minds Research & Development we’ve just posted the best January and February in the history of our company!  We posted a 41% increase in January and a 48% increase in February.  This is well above the 200% ROI that Business Minds Research & Development guarantees on our investment in hiring him and his consulting company.

          -Rick Smith

Considering the fact that we do the vast majority of our selling over the phones, being able to communicate effectively over the phone is critical to our sales success. I can proudly say without hesitation that my personal sales have more than doubled since we started working with Business Minds Research & Development and his firm.

            -Drew Harris

“My sales team has been working with Business Minds Research & Development. He has been training us on how to build profitable, win-win referral sources beyond just our normal and past avenues. He guarantees every agent he works with that he will increase their volume and thus earnings. This guarantee is part of his contract. His company has documented results from working with other loan officers and lenders. I am very impressed with what he has introduced to us.”

            -Christian Schwab

Business Minds Research & Development has been helping me get organized in a way that really fits what I’m doing. Knowing what I know now, I would say this is definitely worth considering for your top sales managers and sales reps.

            -Tyson Gollaher

I wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for helping me with my marketing and teaching me the importance of setting short term goals to get to a long term goal. When we started with Business Minds Research & Development last January you had us each set a 12 month goal. My goal was to make a $1,000.00 commission check (see attached). I am so happy to let you guys know that my December commission check is going to be in the amount of $1,533.19!!! I absolutely believe in the Business Minds Research & Development philosophy and teachings. I appreciate your guys knowledge, encouragement and sage advise. I do not feel I could have accomplished my goal without the tools that both of you and Scott have provided me!! THANK YOU!!

            -Erika Rowell