The “Strengthen Your Sales” Seminars

Your business is vulnerable to dramatic swings in profit, but there are ways you can strengthen your sales and reduce this problem.

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From the minute you generate a lead, you need to be rigorous in your sales processes. With a sales seminar from Business Minds Research and Development, your sales team will learn how to be systematic in your lead generation and establish a sales cycle.

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Our experts will teach your team the best ways to look for referrals, make appointments and handle negative responses. We’ll educate them on the most effective sales techniques and how to keep customers engaged with your brand through empathetic marketing.

Our sales training seminars are fun, engaging and dedicated to improving the sales performance of your team. We won’t just teach your sales team how to sell to customers, but we can help them learn to form mutually beneficial relationships where both sides win.

Confidence is the key when trying to close a sale with a customer. With Business Minds Research and Development, your sales team will learn techniques that can boost their confidence and make it easier to close sales and build customer relationships.

The seminars will also teach your sales team about the importance of social media as a sales tool. Social platforms are excellent for selling products, driving traffic to landing pages and PPC advertising. Business Minds experts will teach your team the best, most effective ways to use social media to your company’s full advantage.

If you want to improve the confidence, morale and abilities of your sales team, sign up for a sales training seminar from Business Minds Research and Development in Salt Lake City. We promise your team will walk away with more knowledge, more confidence and more motivation to sell your product or service. To sign up for the “Strengthen Your Sales” seminar, call us today or fill out the online registration form below.

Master Selling & Increase Your Profits.

You’ll learn these effective sales techniques:

1. Setting and accomplishing goals

Learn effective techniques to overcoming the limitations you’re facing so you can accomplish your goals.

2. Building trust, credibility and adding value

Develop skills that make you more trustworthy and valuable in the eyes of your customers. Your prospects are eager to buy from people they believe, like and trust.

3. Engaging your prospect

Learn how to put yourself in your prospects’ position so you can capture and hold their attention and close more sales.

4. Romancing prospects and using a sales toolkit

Make your prospects want to buy without making them feel like they’re being sold. Learn how to create a marketing toolkit so your buyers understand how you’re the solution to their problems.

5. Delivering persuasive presentations

Discover and uncover your prospects’ emotional motivators so you can show them how your products or services will meet their needs.

6. Asking for the close

Overcome the discomfort of closing sales by learning how to easily ask for your prospects’ business.

7. Priming for success

Learn the importance of priming, visualization and your subconscious to leverage the infinite power that is within you to achieving sales success.

8. Driving more referrals

The key to successful selling is to have unlimited amounts of referrals and leads at your fingertips.  Learn how to create a referral engine.

9. Networking to fill your pipeline

Become more successful at sales by learning how to network effectively and thereby set more appointments with more targeted, qualified leads and referrals.

10. Becoming more organized

Learn effective techniques to help you harness the power of effective time management and proper organization. “Time is money!”

11. Understanding your customers’ buying language

Master the art of communication with every prospect, which involves identifying and selling the way your prospect wants to buy.

12. Procuring knowledge through effective questioning

Learn how to ask effective questions to your prospects so you can discover what is important to them and help them get more of what they want.

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