Utah Small Business Training from Business Minds Research & Development

Entrepreneurs are often experts in their field, and they bring more passion and enthusiasm to the marketplace than anyone else. However, many need professional small business training to truly make their venture a success.

At Business Minds Research & Development in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are experts in helping local businesses succeed. You can schedule a seminar as an individual or can plan a small business training for your entire staff as a way to transform the work culture and boost the bottom line from the ground up.

There are as many kinds of small businesses as there are businesses themselves, so we understand that each one has different needs. For that reason, we invite you to choose any single seminar or to take the complete series of 12 training sessions for the best mentoring and guidance available.

As you browse through our list of training courses, you will notice one of our core beliefs: Strong communication skills make for strong business skills, including everything from sales to customer retention to networking.

With enough effort, applied correctly, you can increase your profits and master sales techniques, and we would love to help you do it. Read on to learn more about how the right training can help your small business and your bottom line grow. We will discuss the most important topics as an overview, and you can find a complete list of seminars with extensive descriptions here.

Getting Started with Goal Setting and Adding Value

The first step in reaching your dreams for small business success is to set goals. Whether you know it or not, you have already done some of this if you have a company up and running. However, doing goal setting mindfully while using time-tested techniques will propel your venture toward greater profits and better customer service at a greatly accelerated pace. You will learn how to set realistic goals, how to stay motivated as you go the distance, how to challenge the beliefs that are holding you back and much more.

Our experience in the business world has shown us that goal setting is vital, but that many businesses struggle with gaining trust among prospective clients and because of that, fall short. This is especially true for startups, which are often entering fields where their competition is well-established. In our small business trainings, you can learn how to help people believe in you and trust what you say, and how doing so will put you on a solid foundation for the future.

Find Success with Small Business Sales Skills

Not all small business entrepreneurs are born salespeople, but it’s vital to learn how to persuade people to buy your product or service if you want your business to grow. At Business Minds Research & Development, we offer several courses to help you with the many aspects of selling, and we give hands-on practice to help you cement the lessons in your mind. Furthermore, we’ll give you tips and techniques that you can start using in your business the moment the seminar ends. The sales skills we teach include how to meet prospects and befriend them before sharing your presentation, and then how to deliver a persuasive message and ask to seal the deal without embarrassment or fear of rejection.

Plant Firm Foundations for Ongoing Profit

It’s thrilling to make your first sales or to revive a small business and start it on a projection for success. Next, you will need to set your business up for long-term profitability. By now, it’s probably no surprise that communication and relationship building is key. Our small business training courses will show you how to visualize your future success so you can plan for it and set goals around it, how to take advantage of networking, how to increase referrals and how to become organized.

We will teach you that listening is of primary importance for any kind of selling, and we would love to show you how much we believe that. We want to hear about your business and the challenges you are facing, and we can recommend specific courses that could be beneficial for you and your team.

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