Networking to Fill Your Pipeline

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Become more successful at sales by learning to network effectively and thereby set more appointments with more targeted, qualified leads and referrals.

“You must dig your well before you become thirsty. Networking is like digging your well now so that at some future time when you become thirsty you can quench that thirst—the thirst for knowledge, sales contacts, ideas, assistance, information, employees whatever you may need, whenever you may need it.”-Anonymous

Most sales professionals have a distaste for prospecting, primarily because they are so often unsuccessful. The reason they are unsuccessful at making appointments is because they are selling their products when they should be selling the appointment. This leadership development course is all about scheduling an appointment in order to sell the product or service.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, there are networking opportunities all around you. Each day, you come across a handful of individuals who might be interested in your services, or who know someone who might be. This doesn’t only entail face-to-face interaction; it also includes any interactions that you may have online or through social media. As a savvy salesperson, your objective is to recognize these networking opportunities and take advantage of them with skill and charisma. That is where we come in. This seminar is designed to help you learn the effective sales techniques that can help you become a powerful networker.

The principles and topics we teach include:

  • Finding Customers
  • Filling Your Pipeline
  • Becoming the Voice of Your Industry
  • Time Management
  • Sales Systems and Tools
  • Referral System
  • Networking
  • Ten Most Wanted
  • Prospecting Scripts
  • Perpetual Lead Generation

“One of the most important skills I ever learned isn’t taught in business school. It’s networking! And I wouldn’t be a bestselling author or successful businessman without it…it has changed my life!” -Harvey Mackay

It all begins with understanding the goal of networking. During this sales training program, we will share with you the Top 10 Keys to Successful Networking, found in Harvey Mackay’s Network Builder. Once we’ve established this foundation for successful sales, we’ll show you how to build your network and avoid becoming the “Networking Jerk.” The combination of everything taught in our sales training program is designed to train your mind to take advantage of all the great networking opportunities that are placed in front of you each day.

Learn these effective sales methodologies by signing your company up for this networking seminar today. We can find a schedule to suit your business and will recommend sales techniques specific to your company. You can also schedule your business for all of our other exciting seminars. Business Minds Research & Development is located in Salt Lake City and has assisted companies around the Wasatch Front with improving their networking strategies. Please contact us today to enroll!