Regan Sutalo

You could say I was born into fashion. My earliest memories as a toddler include helping my beautiful mother in either of her two chic, yet classically in vogue dress shops which she owned. My mother passed this passion on to me causing me to study and graduate with a college degree in fashion. My early work experience in a high-end clothing retailer gave my imagination the opportunity to run free. At nineteen I began selling men’s suits with all that comes with it. The position and training I received gave me a true understanding of how to “style” a man. Within my first year I was out selling the top sales person with 20 + years’ experience. After a couple of years, I was given that same opportunity with women’s fashion which I sold and consulted for several years. To round out my professional experience I worked and trained with the best in cosmetics “Lancôme Paris” who provided extensive training in skin care and makeup application.

Many of us spend thousands on an education, yet when that is applied to the “real world” we do not understand why that does not take us where we want to go with our careers. It takes seven seconds for your manager/clients to decide how qualified you are, how well you manage, how hard you work etc.…. it isn’t by your education or your resume. The first thing you WILL be judged on is how you are dressed and groomed. This includes how they perceive your confidence through your body stature and baring. I truly believe that we are all handsome/beautiful human beings, there is no formal education in how to define YOU that is where I come in. Your image is VERY PERSONAL, I am here to help you “define it” and make it work for you instead of against you. I want to help you and your organization make that first impression count.

I am so blessed to be married to a gorgeous “Image Defined” man that rocks my world every day. I have three beautiful children and two of the cutest grandsons there could ever be.