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Pat Richter

Pat Richter

Pat Richter is the president of Americom Technology, a family owned business started in 1981. Americom Technology, located at 5303 W 2400 South England Ct, West Valley City, UT, started with three family members around the dining room table and has expanded into a company with 100+ employees. Strong values were an important part of Americom business from the start and was founded with the values of Integrity, Hard Work, Exceptional Customer Service, and Team Work.

When asked top three business lessons learned, Pat replies the following:

Determine what your values are and don’t waiver even if it means losing business. Your name and reputation is attached to every job.

Fail Fast – new ideas don’t always work. Nurture and give it your best efforts but know when to cut the strings. There comes a time it doesn’t make sense to continue down the path.

Focus on growing your inside team and your outside team. Growing your inside team includes diversity and understanding everyone has different strengths and talents. Understand each individual’s strengths – utilize, appreciate and grow them. It is also import to focus on your outside team, meaning build a team of professionals to support you– attorney, CPA, financial institution, and business coach.

Pat grew up on a farm in Nebraska. He first got interested in electronics at a young age watching his cousin fix the dial on a radio. Pat’s parents recognized the curiosity and gave him a technology package for Christmas where he continued building on his interests. Pat has eight siblings, seven of which became successful entrepreneurs.

To read Pat’s full interview, watch for the book where Pat and other like him will be spotlighted through Wells Fargo Bank, Business Minds R & D, and the University of Utah’s research study.