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Learn effective techniques in this exclusive Utah Leadership Training course to overcome the limitations you face so you can accomplish your goals

“The whole idea is to enable yourself to see, mentally and in your mind’s eye, the picture of what you want, all hours of the day!” – Anonymous

Setting and accomplishing goals is difficult for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be. The problems most people encounter can be traced back to poorly defining the goal, inadequate planning, unrealistic expectations, or lack of follow through. There isn’t a right way to set and achieve goals successfully, but there are better ways and worse ways.

Realizing your goals requires only that you follow a simple, yet effective formula. You and your leadership team in Salt Lake City can learn how to implement that formula perfectly with the right training.

It starts with a goal. As you set your goal, think about it in terms of actionable items. The goal should be well defined, not vague. “I want to work out more” is not a good goal. “More” is too vague. If you work out for one minute more than you have been, have you met your goal?

A much better way to phrase this goal is, “I want to go to the gym three times per week.” This breaks your goal down into clearly defined weekly and daily actions, making it easy to monitor your progress and know when you are and aren’t on track. We teach you to set a timeframe, define levels to help you know if you’ve reached the goal and counteract the common problems such as procrastination and fear of failure that stop many from reaching success. Learn how to set, and reach, the right goals for your business and your life with leadership training in Utah.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” – Earl Nightingale

The first step in accomplishing any goal is to visualize yourself achieving it, and the leadership training course from Business Minds Research & Development in Utah will give you real-world, hands-on practice so you can make visualization work for you. Think of your success not just once, but every time you think of that goal, and anything you do to work toward that goal. This plays into maintaining your desire to accomplish the goal and keeping up your motivation to do the work required.

The next step is to break the goal down into each action required to achieve it and to create a detailed plan outlining how you will accomplish your goal. Continuing with the exercise example, achieving that goal involves a set of actions that include: choosing the days and times you will go to the gym each week and scheduling accordingly, preparing a gym bag, choosing a workout routine, and then going to the gym at the scheduled time and staying for the duration of your workout, each and every day you’ve set aside.

As you begin to implement the actions needed to achieve your goal, you will likely find that you need to readjust the details of your goal to be in line with what you’re capable of accomplishing. However, it can seem that adjusting these details means you have failed. At our Utah leadership training, we show how being realistic is important, but you often don’t know exactly what is realistic until you get started. Learn how to make adjustments without losing sight of the finish line.

In addition, you will also notice that you have beliefs and judgments about life that seem true in your mind, but which are merely the consequences of your own personally constructed limitations. If you truly want to make changes in your life and business, you must change your beliefs first. In fact, fully adopting a leadership role and helping your sales team succeed demands it.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare, “Measure for Measure”

The goal-setting principles and topics covered in this leadership skills course, and the strategies for achieving those goals, will include:

  • The Strangest Secret in the World
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • The Multiplier Effect
  • The Greatest Position: The Sales Professional
  • The Sales Professional: An Unselfish Problem Solver
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Priorities vs. Urgencies
  • Choice vs. Destiny
  • Achieving Our Goals
  • Three Goals
  • The Book: “Who Moved My Cheese?”
  • The Success Formula

This Salt Lake City leadership training seminar is ideal for any members of your company, including sales and customer services teams. We will learn to set and accomplish their simple and long-term goals in order to become more successful employees. For more information about this seminar, contact Business Minds Research & Development today.