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Kurt Flygare

Kurt Flygare

President, IntegraCore

Kurt Flygare is the president of IntegraCore, a privately held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Georgia that provides turnkey supply chain management solutions. A Minnesota native, Kurt earned his undergraduate degree in business administration from Brigham Young University and brings nearly three decades of executive experience to his current position. As president, he oversees IntegraCore, which has grown steadily each of its 25 years in business and which has exceeded 100% growth for the past seven years due to its ability to scale with clients’ needs. IntegraCore has received numerous awards and honors, including being named among the “Fast 50” by Utah Business magazine.

Successful People Are Decisive

Kurt feels that success in business is about being able to make decisions, even if that means making mistakes. “The worst thing is when no one makes a decision,” he says. “You can get lost in analysis paralysis, but it’s better to make a decision and move forward.” And if it’s a bad decision, as some are wont to be, that’s ok. “You talk about it, learn from it, and move on,” Kurt says. Being decisive allows you to seize opportunities and continually move forward in business, something that’s vital to success.

Bring in Passionate, Accountable People

Kurt encourages new entrepreneurs to bring the right people into your business but hold them accountable. “Often, startup owners hire friends and family, which is fine, but unless you’re very direct, accountability can become blurred.” He recommends holding people accountable, not in a punitive way, but to ask people to channel their time and talents into taking responsibility for their part in your business. “Give them latitude to do their work, but expect them to get things done,” Kurt says. Having the right people on board means they are passionate and will openly share their ideas to help the company improve or grow. But it’s important that people are also able to check their egos and move forward for the good of the company. “You have to be able to bruise hard and heal quickly,” Kurt says. “Speak your mind, but if your idea isn’t taken and things don’t go your way you need to keep pressing forward.”

Enact Processes but Be Flexible

Kurt has seen many businesses not be able to grow successfully because they don’t have processes in place for growth. Success, for him, comes from putting processes in place, but also keeping in mind that clients may need a bit of flexibility. “Not every customer is going to see it your way, so if you think it’ll be a good customer, then you need to show some flexibility,” he notes. Striking a balance will help you keep things efficient while being able to grow.