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Kirk Partridge

Kirk Partridge

With decades of experience in law, finance and business, Kirk Partridge is a powerhouse executive currently leading VFC, a company that offers surge protection to facilities in multiple states throughout the US. A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Kirk spent his childhood in multiple cities as the son of a Navy officer, something he credits with giving him both flexibility and courage to start over as needed. He has a rich history of entrepreneurial endeavors and business success, which he leverages to lead VFC. Under his direction, the company has seen continuous growth and success.

Consult with Trusted Mentors

Moving forward in business means using your time and resources wisely. “It’s hard to reinvent the wheel every day,” Kirk says. That’s where talking to trusted mentors can help. Counseling with people who have already walked the path you’re on can give you valuable wisdom to know how to best prioritize your time and business initiatives as well as help you save time avoiding pitfalls. It also gives you someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of and from whom you can get a different perspective on upcoming changes. “Mentors are huge,” Kirk says. Making time to talk with them is a smart way to use your time and is key to success in business.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Those Around You

Some of your best resources in business are the people you work with or who work for you. When you hire talented people and trust them to do their jobs, they become experts in their particular parts of the business. And they often become as invested in the success of your business as you are. Because of this, they often have insights and ideas that can improve your company. Leaving those ideas on the table can often mean leaving profits there, too.

In order to leverage his talented employees’ insights, Kirk regularly meets with different teams in his company for the purpose of ideation and brainstorming. He gets countless great ideas that he’s able to implement to improve VFC, and he presents monetary awards to the people who suggested them. This helps leverage their expertise and ingenuity while improving the business for everyone involved. “I want to be remembered for doing it for us–not for my pocket or my ego, but for the good of us all,” Kirk notes.

Regularly Reflect and Realign

With the many details and priorities of being an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get distracted or even thrown off course from time to time. “It’s so easy to get pulled in different directions, and you can easily lose your alignment,” Kirk notes. To stay in line with your goals, Kirk suggests keeping track of different challenges and how you tackled them, whether in a private blog or diary or by some other means. “Have a place where you can go back and reflect on the business and personal struggles you’ve had and realign,” This helps you get refocused regularly as well as avoid finding yourself in the same struggling situations more than once.