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Kim Waddoups

Kim Waddoups

Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Safe & Security Products, Inc.

Kim Waddoups is the humble Chief Executive Officer for Liberty Safe & Security Products, Inc., Founded in 1988. Liberty is focused on strengthening its premier reputation for providing customers with quality safes that are manufactured in the United States. With gross sales of more that $130 million, Mr. Waddoups is involved in the day-to-day task for deciding how Liberty will structure its manufacturing plant to meet customer demands in the future. Upon the planned completion of its expansion project, Liberty is set to become the world’s largest manufacturer for safes with a production output of roughly 250,000 units per year.

Mr. Waddoups Previous Work Experience

Since 2013 Mr. Waddoups has developed approximately 10 years of experience at Liberty. Previous to becoming Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Waddoups served as President, where he led the sales and marketing initiatives for Liberty, he joined Liberty in 2003 as Chief Financial Officer and was promoted to President in 2012.

From 1989 to 2003

Mr. Waddoups held various senior-level positions at Easton Technical Products, a sports equipment manufacturer and division of Jas D. Easton, Inc.

Industry for Manufacturing Safes

Since 2003 Liberty’s gross sales have increased by more than 400%. Mr. Waddoups attributes this growth to Liberty’s ability to produce high quality safes and the speculations by consumers about the firearm industry. Speculation changes drastically as a result of legislation, current events, and simply acts by the President of the United States. As expected, a change in firearm demands draws a positive correlation in demands for safes. As speculation intensifies Mr. Waddoups is involved in planning Liberty’s production facilities to meet customer demand. Liberty invests heavily in new technology and equipment to eliminate its bottlenecks.

Mr. Waddoups is working to make Liberty’s manufacturing facilities even a more environmental friendly. With Liberty’s high power coating system for painting safes to bending metal, Liberty is involved in creating high quality safes that are affordable to the customer. To meet this objective, Mr. Waddoups balances the engineering of the safe with its affordability. Liberty is always working toward improving the quality of each of its products. Ultimately, Liberty is focused on re-investing in technology to help its customers protect what is most valuable to them and what it is that they put inside a Liberty safe.

Mr. Waddoups Managing External Relations

Liberty is actively focused on ensuring quality, value, and reliability in every safe it builds. Since 2011 Liberty has produced its safes exclusively in the U.S. Liberty values the importance of investing in the U.S. steel market as it builds its safes. Liberty constantly finds itself purchasing competitors products for testing. Its important to Liberty that its products do what it claims it will do. Liberty strives to keep the customer educated, as customers constantly find themselves with very little knowledge for determining a safe’s quality.

Liberty started its expansion program in 2011 in its effort to re-invest in the U.S. steal market for creating safes. More and more people are realizing that the Liberty safe is not just a firearm safe. The safe serves as a form of insurance for what the consumer values most. Whether its firearms, irreplaceable family photos, wills, insurance policies, or precious metals. This new understanding helps Liberty reach other markets outside of its core-market.

Mr. Waddoups Success & Business Development

Hindsight is always 20-20. Looking back, Liberty prides itself in its ability for working with a team of people. Mr. Waddoups won’t take the credit for Liberty’s success. He has a great team working together to create a product that meets the customer’s needs. Very few companies in the safe manufacturing industry will do any advertising. In 2010 Liberty first embarked on a national radio campaign. This was a big decision that Mr. Waddoups meet with the board of directors in Connecticut to present his plan. Mr. Waddoups wanted to build brand equity so that Liberty’s safe could create its own pool product rather than pushing the safes onto the market. Liberty ended up investing nearly $1 million into its marketing campaign before it started recouping the investment costs. Liberty received information through its warranty registration that helps it identify what marketing efforts was ultimately the most effective. Liberty continues investing millions of dollars a year to build its brand equity. Liberty provides a lifetime warranty on the safe as a way of standing behind its product. Since the incorporation of its marketing campaign Liberty has gained 12 points of additional market share.