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Keith Norris

By June 26, 2018Success

Keith Norris is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of COMPLETE XRM Inc., a company that provides software solutions to help customers stay organized as well as deliver content and services more efficiently. A lifelong entrepreneur, Keith started his first company before he finished college. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and then a Masters of Business Administration from Weber State University, where he earned the Goddard Scholar award for academic achievement. He has a diverse background in marketing and real estate, and he earned the Presidents Club/Presidents Elite award from Coldwell Banker for being in the top 1% of sales in 2003-2006. Keith was also a finalist in the 2003 University of Utah Entrepreneurial Challenge and has also been an active member of the Utah Technology Council since 2013.

Providing Business Solutions

Before cloud technology became second nature to businesses, Keith and his business partner began talking about possible solutions to accessing business files remotely rather than hauling a heavy briefcase along with you. Software seemed to be the answer, and when the timing opened up in 2006, they took the leap to begin COMPLETE XRM, developing proprietary customer management software (CMS) to help businesses access files on the go. They partnered with Franklin Covey early on to develop the project management software, PlanPlus, which they later acquired and now run as a separate company. COMPLETE XRM’s product offerings have since grown to include calendaring collaboration, lead management systems, customer support solutions, platforms for tablet and Blackberry technology, and more. Keith served as its Chief Sales Officer until he became CEO in 2009.

Secrets to Success

One of Keith’s secrets to success is finding people you can work with synergistically. Because he considers himself more an implementer than an idea person, Keith knows the value of bringing in people with innovative ideas. He’s also found that a strong, successful company is one where the individuals who work there have personal values that overlap with core company values.
As far as personal secrets to success, Keith credits staying active physically and mentally with keeping his heart strong and his mind sharp. He works out every day, rides in bike races and is currently training for a triathlon. On his commute to and from work and in his spare time, he listens to lots of books on tape from authors that are successful in business. Staying active gives him energy, which better helps him focus in business.
But if you ask Keith how he defines success, he says it’s all about being passionate about your work and being happy doing it. “Finance is how you keep score,” he says, “But loving what you do is the biggest measure of success.”