Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans

Owner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer

I am a wife of 24 years and mother of 5 children ages 20-10, and was born and raised near Salt Lake City, Utah. My favorite things are the outdoors and nature and enjoy camping, hiking, playing, jogging, yoga, dancing and spending time with family and friends in any of the above areas.

As a certified Reiki Master and energy therapist. I have developed a holistic healing system using kinesiology and intuition to access your bodies priority in its healing needs; emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, as all aspects of the body interplay for complete wellness. I am certified and have training in herbology, essential oils, Theta Healing, energy medicine and Reiki.

My business, Heart Centered Healing, is located in Farmington Utah. I enjoy teaching a variety of healing classes including ecstatic dance, Reiki, heart space classes. I love giving clients Reiki sessions and doing phone healing sessions with clients that are life changing. I created an online energy healing and ascension school, I am also a practitioner of the Dancing Crane wellness monthly fair, as an offering for the community in Salt Lake City.

I have a passion for helping others find greater clarity and closeness to their higher power along with accessing their own spiritual gifts and living a life of abundance. As far as my niche, I am an Intuitive Empathetic Healer who loves to help guide a client’s body, mind and spirit to realign itself with health and the natural flow of healing energy and abundance. I find great joy in helping and connecting with others.

I have a bachelors degree in Education. Stepped out of teaching in the school systems to transition over to helping people heal their body, mind and spirit. I have been doing energy clearing and alternative healing for others for 8 years. My professional business was opened in 2015.