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By June 28, 2018Training Blog

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on the business, and the background of your sales team. But there are few businesses that will not see a signifcant return on their sales training investment. It depends a lot on what a business wants to accomplish and the effort put towards accomplishing their sales goals. Setting sales goals is the first step, but once a goal, is set, you must figure out a sales strategy to get there.

Thinking Through Your Sales Strategy

  • Does your sales force know how to effectively answer objection
  • Are they aware of the signs of an objection before it is verbalized?
  • Do you they know how to persuade or convince someone to use your business and keep using it?
  • Do they know how and when to close a deal with a customer?
  • Do you they know why the customers are acting on their problem now ?
  • Do you know their  urgency to buy a service or product?

All of these questions have something to do with getting the sale. With more sales training you will discover that is not about answering or bypassing objections or closing the call. It is learning, until it becomes second nature, a natural progression of all events during the entire sales process.

There are thousands of sales courses and programs available both on and offline. As a business owner trying to find the most effective can be confusing and time consuming. Is it really necessary to get professional sales training for either you or your staff? Will the money that you spend on sales training be cost effective? Will it give you a good return on your investment? It depends on your objectives and your sales experience.

The best sales methods begin with a system and a strategy. Most people who have held a job have some experience in selling. At the least they have had to sell themselves to their prospective employer.  Many of the resources they used for that sale were intuitive, things they learned while growing up amid the competition of schooling. Many sales people haven’t bothered to analyze their experience to find what worked and to know how to replicate the system and strategy over again when it comes to selling a product or service.

Professional Sales Training: Reading On Speed Dial

People hire sales trainers for many of the same reasons they would read a book.  Avid readers consistently increase their ability to communicate, picking up not only the vocabulary they need to express themselves in an area, but also the information they need to succeed. Training is reading on speed dial. Sales people with good training, begin to think beyond what they are doing. Training helps them increase their creativity and see how what they are learning can be implemented in their sales activities. But beyond that, they begin to think beyond the ordinary. They start to absorb a why and how mentality that is reinforced by their coaching. They internalize a want and need to improve their sales. [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Content goes here[/author_info] [/author]

One of the bets sales books to read is not at all about sales. It is called The Art of War by Sun-tzu. It is about life and war and it covers strategies. What is even more interesting about the book is by following war through the historical background of this book,  you will see how many wars that have been fought and won by following strategies. You can see also where wars were lost by using the wrong strategies.  The book will give you the basic knowledge of a sales strategy.

Though being aware of strategies is a good beginning, it’s not enough for sales success. Hiring a professional sales training program will not only help your business learn good sales strategies, but also teach your sales team when, where and how to implement them

Learn To Analyze Your Sales Strategy, Then Rinse and Repeat

Repetition is one of the best teachers. Working with a sales coach helps you learn effective techniques but how to find and use them when they are poor or non-existent. Repeating what works will help you internalize the methods until you begin to do them automatically.  It will bring you the sales results you are looking for much quicker than going it alone.

Good sales coaches have been there themselves at one time. Generally they become teachers because they have become so successful in selling that teaching others to become equally successful is a logical step. They will be able to help you learn such techniques as overcoming objections, including price and timing, finding the customer’s pain and when and how to effectively close a sale.

When you weigh the money you can make learning and applying professional sales techniques, you will see that even though good sales training can be pricey, it is well worth the investment. In the long run, a good sales training program will end up saving you both time and money. It will help you quickly get over the learning curve involved in becoming a good sales team. Doing so will help your company quickly bring back the money you’ve spent on sales training, and get a significant return on your sales investment.