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Greg Schuey is the co-founder of Stryde Marketing, a content marketing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah that helps companies grow their brands and sales through content creation and promotions. Greg studied business management at Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University, and his background is rich with experience in search engine optimization, and affiliate and online marketing. Passionate about the ever-changing opportunities that online marketing brings to help companies grow, Greg founded Stryde in April of 2013, and he serves on the advisory board of both Signs.com and Right Intel, and he’s a member of the Corporate Alliance.

Take a Chance

For Greg, success is about taking chances and having understanding family members. He knew that Stryde would be ahead of the curve starting out in content marketing, but he also knew there would be a market for it. “Content marketing is new to most small businesses, so we need to explain how it differs from search engine optimization and other services,” he says. “But everyone needs our services, so we’re steadily growing.” Taking a chance on the company means Stryde is in a prime position for growth. Being an entrepreneur means working long hours sometimes, and Greg credits an understanding family with being able to pursue success at Stryde. He often starts works early to spend time with his small children in the afternoon and evening. Striking a balance is important, as is supportive and understanding family and friends.

It’s the Experience You Bring

Greg also finds success in surrounding yourself with a good team of passionate people. While finding and hiring good people can be a mixture of luck and chance, Greg’s assembled seven amazing team members at Stryde. And while the company has been in business a couple of years, the team members boast 25 years of combined marketing experience and 113 years combined ownership and management experience, making them a dynamic team with loads of experience to draw from for future success.