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Greg Boisjolie

Greg Boisjolie

Greg Boisjolie is the humble Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Desert Medical. Founded in 1997, Boisjolie formed Desert Medical as a partnership providing medical devices throughout the State of Utah. By 2009 Boisjolie become sole owner and CEO for Desert Medical.

Boisjolie grew up in Salt Lake City, and graduated from South High School. Boisjolie started college at the Salt Lake Community College where he achieved an Associates Degree.

Medical Sales & Services Industry

Desert Medical first began as a provider for heart-monitoring devices that often dealt with doctors and clinics for which it would sell its medical devices. Today things have changed considerably. Desert Medical is now expanding its direct sales model to sell directly to individual patients, doctors, clinics, and home health agencies.

Managing $750,000 in annual revenues, Boisjolie is often faced with the challenge for allocating his resources strategically to achieve the highest overall return, cash flow and employees are a number one concern for Boisjolie.

Top Lessons Learned

Boisjolie states one of the best decisions he has made with Desert Medical is constantly reinvesting company profits and resources back into the company. Boisjolie enjoys owning a business whose sole purpose is helping people and people need medical equipment and he is there to help. Boisjolie recognizes that hardships come in all different sizes for his medical business and one particular hardship only presents its self when business is doing well. You begin making so much money that it causes tax issues, disputes among partners as to how profits will be divided, do you give more money to employees, or do you reinvest? You are required to make compromises for where you put your money. It is very difficult to mange relationships with partners. It is much easier to have one partner who untimely makes the most difficult decisions. Boisjolie consults with his employees but in the end it is the single partner who should make the decisions.

Learning from Mistakes

Mistakes give you a superior decision making ability that you couldn’t achieve otherwise without those mistakes. Hindsight is always 20-20, looking back you will always see something you could have done better. The important thing is that you are able to move forward from those mistakes and make the lives of everyone around you better. If you are not making mistakes, then you are not growing personally.

Key Elements for Entrepreneurial Success

First, if at all possible do not start your business as a partnership, it is fine to have a financial partner, but too many times conflicts arise between partners. It not only makes it more stressful for each partner, but the decision making process becomes cumbersome to align recourses when partners have different interests and desires. Second, don’t put the car before the horse. When starting your business go slow enough so you can create relationships and retain company value, but not too slow that you aren’t growing. Achieve a balance that you are not loosing out on opportunities simply because you are not focused on what is going on around you. Third, use your gut to make decisions. When you see something that looks like an opportunity, don’t simply rush in. Think before you act. Have a strategy for each business decision you make. Fourth, be flexible enough to change and move from your current position. Don’t just set goals, but reinvest resources back into the company. Don’t be too rigid that you company cannot meet the ever-changing demand from the industry.
People often have a fantasy that when you own your own business you can simply come and go whenever you want. This is false. As a business owner you have added responsibility that you must manage the day-to-day activities 24/7. You are no longer on a clock where you can leave work and tend to your family. Your business is your life! You must be there, at all times both on and off work hours to ensure the success of your business. That is why it is so important that you create a business for which you are passionate about.

Vision Going Forward

Moving forward Boisjolie is actively focused on growing Desert Medical, he prides his employment force as diverse, includes minorities and those with physical disabilities. Growth through Internet sales is key. As the industry has changed so has the Association Conferences. In the past you would attend a conference to learn how to grow your business. Today the focus is all about how to cut costs and save.
Legacy Boisjolie wants to Leave

I want people that have worked with my team at Desert Medical to have enjoyed it. I want the people who have purchased my products to feel like they were treated fairly. “As far as a legacy, I really don’t care”. It is more about the lives we have touched along the way. I have always had the desire to be successful. Accordingly, I wanted a business that would support and help people on a daily basis. I wanted a business whereby I would share in the success of other people.