Ginger Lancaster

Since 2012, Ginger has been working in the Personal Development industry coaching and training individuals in how to win the head game by gaining trust and confidence in themselves to pursue their greatest passions and to live a life of joy. Ginger started talking when she was 9 months old and as a High School State Speech Champion, it’s no coincidence that she found her passion and profession in public speaking. With over 1,400 hours of live training under her belt her greatest joy comes from using her passion to see others succeed in creating their highest and best lives.

Ginger’s coaching style is rooted in her own personal values of connection, creativity and a relentless application of the tools she acquires in her own training. As “there is nothing so constant as change” Ginger believes what makes a coach great is their ability to continue their own path of growth and application which is why she works closely with her own coaches, expanding her skillset. Her personal challenges with a severe anxiety disorder have given her the drive and determination to serve others in learning that they are not a victim to circumstance or life challenges. Through relatable and real life, in the trenches experience Ginger creates a strong connection with those she works with. She values vulnerability, humor, real talk and tacos.

Ginger has been referred to as “The Digger” by former clients, not because of her small potato farming town roots, but because her coaching style is primarily focused in addressing the root cause of non- working habits and replacing them with small habits that over time create real, lasting change. Ginger also serves as the Director of Operations for Adopt a Bed, a Utah based non-profit that provides beds to those in need within the nation. She also works with homeless youth in her state assisting them in developing confidence and communication skills. Serving her community has become an overwhelming joy in her life. Ginger believes that the greatest life accolade is a life of service.

Ginger is an Idaho native who loves going “home”. Forever an Idahoan at heart, she has become smitten with Utah’s diverse nature scene and thoroughly enjoys exploring The Beehive state. She has two incredibly kind and beautiful children that she loves to explore new places and things with. She enjoys all things water related, from visits to the ocean, swimming, fishing, canoeing and especially long baths. She loves drawing, laughing, documentaries, exploring nature, traveling, her porch swing, and freshly washed sheets.

Many of us spend thousands on an education, yet when that is applied to the “real world” we do not understand why that does not take us where we want to go with our careers. It takes seven seconds for your manager/clients to decide how qualified you are, how well you manage, how hard you work etc.…. it isn’t by your education or your resume. The first thing you WILL be judged on is how you are dressed and groomed. This includes how they perceive your confidence through your body stature and baring. I truly believe that we are all handsome/beautiful human beings, there is no formal education in how to define YOU that is where I come in. Your image is VERY PERSONAL, I am here to help you “define it” and make it work for you instead of against you. I want to help you and your organization make
hat first impression count.

I am so blessed to be married to a gorgeous “Image Defined” man that rocks my world every day. I have three beautiful children and two of the cutest grandsons there could ever be.