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dustin hansen

Dustin Hansen

InXpress Americas

Dustin Hansen was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah. He is a franchise owner and CEO for InXpress Americas, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2006, InXpress Americas is hyper-focused on continually delivering value to its customers. It accomplishes this mission primarily through providing shipping services to people around the world.

Mr. Hansen Personal Background

Mr. Hansen grew up in West Jordan, Utah. He spent most of his childhood playing on the baseball diamonds in the park with is father, brothers and friends. Mr. Hansen attended college at Utah Valley University where he achieved his pilot’s license and Bachelors Degree in Aviation. Mr. Hansen, a father of three, recognizes that his kids are more important to him than his work.

Mr. Hansen Work Experience

After completing a church mission in Georgia, Mr. Hansen resumed his work in the aviation industry. Mr. Hansen became interested in the concept of franchising and wanted to own his own business. He looked at the franchising model as a way of furthering his creativity. As Mr. Hansen states, “creativity is taking someone else’s idea and improving it.” Mr. Hansen came across Xpress Worldwide from the UK for a franchising opportunity. Express Worldwide was looking to expand its operations to the United States and Mr. Hansen was up for the challenge to become the first to franchise of the Xpress business model to the U.S. market.

InXpress USA opened in 2006 with Mr. Hansen, at the age of 23, being the first franchise for InXpress to the U.S. market. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Hansen worked creatively to establish InXpress in an already competitive shipping industry. By 2009, Mr. Hansen was named CEO of InXpress USA. After successfully operating in the United States, InXpress expanded its operations to Canada and was renamed to InXpress Americas. InXpress currently operates in 15 countries and 350 franchises globally. It is estimated that InXpress will achieve $40 million in gross revenues in American and just under $100 million globally.

Under its pure franchising model, the corporate offices of InXpress don’t own each franchise, but rather the franchisees own the franchise.

Mr. Hansen Franchising InXpress Americas

Mr. Hansen views franchising as the perfect opportunity for someone that wants to open their own business. It is an opportunity for them to achieve the personal success of managing a business before they open the doors to their own business. Under the franchising model the business idea or concept is already created. What is left is for the franchisee to execute their own plan for the business idea to succeed. Franchisees control every activity in their InXpress franchise. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. Mr. Hansen largely created InXpress Americas business model by looking to other models for shipping companies and making it better and expanding it. Mr. Hansen recognizes he must grow with his business or the business will exceed his own competencies. If this happens then all that is left is essentially being replaced.

At this point Mr. Hansen recognizes four primary lessons learned after operating InXpress Americas for nearly eight years. Mr. Hansen starts by quoting Zig Ziglar; “obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.” When you focus on the obstacles that lay ahead then you that is now evidence you have changed your vision. You only see obstacles when you are looking for obstacles. When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.

Second lesson is persistence. You only achieve the momentum of success after you have hit and passed the point where you think all is lost. Persistence is the key that separates the success from the non-successful people. They are the ones that will hold on long enough to realize the success.

Third, a person must have a vision that is big enough to drive them. “Courage isn’t the absence of fear but that the thing you are trying to get is bigger than the fear.” Everyone experiences fear in his or her lives. The reason that you still take that challenge even though you have fear is because you know that what you are trying to achieve is much greater than the fear you must go through. That lesson is crucial and goes back to being persistent.

Last, is living the premise that every moment counts. If you want to be great at what ever you want to be great at then you have to do small daily disciplines everyday consistently, then you will achieve it. This is the basic concept established in the book Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness. This is what its all about for business owners and CEOs. You must do small things yourself everyday. At the beginning you generally don’t see it. Then at one point down the road you will see two paths, and you are on that path to success.

Future Business Development

Moving forward, Mr. Hansen recognizes one of the most significant challenges he faces for the future is finding excellent, talented people. Only after you can find someone that is better than you then your business will move forward. You must always put someone in a position that is better than you. Without good people you just don’t go anywhere. Mr. Hansen wants his people (employees, franchisees, vendors) happy, challenged, and fulfilled. If people have all three, then the company will get the results it is looking for. As the CEO, Mr. Hansen is constantly focused on how InXpress Americas can improve within itself. Essentially it all goes down to hiring people that are better than you, then organizing the workforce so everyone can use that knowledge.

Another challenge is hiring and training exceptional sales managers. Mr. Hansen’s goal moving forward is how he can raise the competency level of its franchisees. Successful sales managers are achieved by training them well and by the sales manager realizing they will have no money if they don’t sell. That is the nature of the beast. This is one of the primary factors changing the commonly Owner Operator franchisees into Business Owner franchises. In the Business Owner franchise the manager become the owner once they higher people. The struggle arises with sales managers not being patient and holding their sales reps accountable.

Mr. Hansen wants to leave a legacy that people had their lives changed and fulfilled more of their full potential because of being involved and knowing him. People accomplished more than what they thought they ever could. “I want people to believe in themselves more, do more than they ever thought they could do because they were associated with Dustin. Ultimately I want to teach people how to manage their own business so that it creates time for them to build memories with their family. That is what I want to do. If you are at work all day long then you are not building those memories with your families. You should have the opportunity to build memories with you families when and where you want to.”

Over the next three years Mr. Hansen is focused on proving exceptional service to its ever-expanding customer base. His goal in the next 10 years is to achieve $1 billion dollars in gross revenue. To achieve this it is looking to how it can add value to its customer base and in return achieve its goals. His three characteristics of a successful franchisee include: 1.) Someone that is very competitive, 2.) Someone that is willing to learn, & 3.) Someone that has a big “why.” People always need something that drives them to succeed in life!