Troy Harris

Controller of Aid Equipment/CST Financial and A-1 Freight Services

172 W. 9400 So., Sandy, UT 84070

Company Mission

AID Equipment will create value by continuously improving our work processes and those of our customers. Our customer’s success will drive our success. Speed and e-Business are our competitive advantage.



Troy Harris is the controller of the companies.  He graduated from the University of Utah in Engineering in 1998.  He furthered his knowledge by attending the University of Washington where he received a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science in Engineering and specialized in Operations.


Troy is known for his energetic and outgoing lifestyle. He loves to be outdoors and is very athletic.  



AID Equipment, founded in 1978, is a provider of mechanical and electrical engineering and automation solutions and product handling services.  It has four divisions, including conveyor, overhead hoist, mezzanine, material handling and pneumatic divisions.


Aid Equipment was established by Troy’s father (Craig Harris) in the garage of his MT. Pleasant home and dealt mainly in material handling.  


The office space the company now occupies was originally rented to a freight broker owned by a family member. The freight company showed to be very profitable, however, wasn’t managed well and after 3 years the company dissolved.  


After the freight company was dissolved – A1 Freight Service was created. Troy saw the value of employing one of the original partners and believed with proper management the company would be profitable.


One of the strengths of Troy Harris is the ability to identify business opportunities and make them successful.


The freight industry is 90% owner operator – individuals who own a truck and start a business. Freight drivers are great at driving trucks but not usually savvy in business management.  CST Holdings provides a service to truck drivers. The service includes screening clients through credit checks, creating contracts with new and existing clients and collecting AR’s. The truck drivers hire CST Holdings to manage this part of the business providing an opportunity for the truckers to keep driving.   


Their motto- “they are not selling a product, they are selling a service!” The freight business is around to make the other guys’ life easier.


Aide Equipment does not compete on cost, their customer is going to get what they can afford – meaning the project is customized to the customer.  Aide Equipment believes in face to face business and great customer service.


CST Holdings is an internet portal, which supplies information making it easy to do business anywhere.


Learned opportunities

It’s important to spend amply time upfront to get to know what their customers really need and want. There is no such thing as too much detail when creating a custom plan for their customers.



Constant improvement overtime drives the business forward!


The company maps their production process every 6 months. Each step of the process is mapped to see visually how the process looks. Each step is evaluated for functionality. Each step is discussed with where, when, how and who it is received and they look for opportunities to improve the steps of the process.   


Management believes by constantly improving it shows the employees that they care about making things better. This creates employee by in and loyalty.  


They also keep employees engaged by paying a living wage, providing health benefits, retirement packages and expecting high standards with continued improvement.


Last words and encouragement to young entrepreneurs

Profits are hard to come by, you must be fully invested and realize you are always competing for price and service. It is important to be Unique on some level!


Troy Harris prides his business and his mantra from a Benjamin Franklin quote:


“Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”.

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