Kelly Liles

Kelly “Amilian” Liles is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Business Minds R and D, our very own personal techno handyman (coughs…) erm… woman. She is our Penelope from Criminal Minds, our go-to girl.

Kelly has completed a number of tasks for Business Minds R and D including the development of the EQ Training App. She is a spunky character with a big smile all while raising four beautiful children and tending to an amazing husband.

Kelly is business-oriented at heart and even owns a company working from home called Pocket Assistant where she does tasks for various other companies including building awesome websites! She is a major asset on a business and personal level as she is a very trustworthy and hardworking person. If she doesn’t know how to do something she will definitely go out of her way to learn how just to say she accomplished every obstacle put in her way.

Music is her favorite hobby and also a big part of her career hence the artist name “Amilian”. She owns a recording studio with her husband who produces and engineers all of her songs. She was the number one artist in Alabama for three months straight and has even put out music for her fans to enjoy while she finishes up her album scheduled to be released in late October.

Kelly is innovative and creative which she also considers herself a pretty good artist too. She can draw pictures of people or objects simply by looking at it. It looks so beautiful and realistic!

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