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Bryce Bartel

By June 26, 2018Success
Bryce Bartel

Bryce Bartel is the Chief Executive Officer of Marketware, a company based in Midvale, Utah that provides technology solutions for healthcare companies to maintain and grow patient admissions. Marketware was started as a lifestyle consulting company by Bryce’s in the 1980’s, and Bryce worked as the vice president of sales and business development while he studied business in college. When Bryce graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Business in 2011, he took over the company. Bryce made several changes to the structure of the company which proved successful, as Marketware has grown 400% since he took over.

Persistence Pays Off

Bryce has found persistence in working towards your vision and business goals is a key element of success. “It usually takes two to three times longer than you expect to get a business off the ground or to see results,” he says. “But if you enthusiastic customers–even a handful of them– and if you have a product people are willing to buy, don’t give up.” This persistence can also mean making tough decisions to help the business flourish. Bryce knows the frustration of hiring the wrong people for the job, so he persists in actively looking for the right personality and fit for employees. He recruits through LinkedIn or business contacts, taking prospective candidates out to lunch to get a personal feel for them. This persistence in finding the right people for the job has strengthened his organization and increased sales. And despite having to make difficult decisions that sometimes compromised personal relationships, Bryce’s persistence overall towards his vision is literally paying off. “Sometimes making the decision of what is best for the company is the hardest decision,” he says.

Calculate the Risks

For Bryce, taking calculated risks in business is important. Many businesses fail from floundering on decisions, keeping one foot in one camp and one foot in another. “It’s good to take calculated risks and have faith in the results,” he says. “Sometimes it’s good to be Cortez and burn the ships.” No business grows without risks. Not being afraid to fail is also critical to success. “Everyone fails,” Bryce says. “It’s all about how quickly you overcome the failure.” Whether it’s a small failure or one with a larger impact, Bryce has learned from them and moved forward towards success.