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Ben Crowther

Ben Crowther

Vortex Complete Door Service

Ben Crowther is the Team Leader for Vortex Complete Door Service in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 1937, Vortex is a Family owned business headquartered in California. Vortex’s business operations primarily include installing, repairing, and replacing gates and all types of doors around the world. From replacing parts on folding steel doors to completely installing new warehouse doors, Vortex does it all. Since 2012, Mr. Crothers’s responsibilities include managing Vortex’s service division throughout the entire Salt Lake Valley and Idaho. He directly manages 14 service technicians, 11 trucks, 2 dispatchers, billing, collections and customer service. Mr. Crowther is hyper-focused on continually delivering value to its customers through great service and a friendly attitude.

Mr. Crowther Work Experience with Vortex

Mr. Crowther started work at Vortex as a technician under the direct supervision of its President. In 2004 he changed positions to estimating, and then to Service Manager. By 2012 Mr. Crowther became Team Leader for Vortex’s Salt Lake office. Mr. Crothers’s experience with Vortex goes beyond 16 years. Through that experience he’s learned the importance of always educating yourself even after you have competed your degree. You must always continue searching out opportunities where you can learn and develop.

Mr. Crowther Managing Vortex’s External Relations

As Mr. Crowther states, “competition is what makes Vortex better.” We work with our competitors to successfully operate in the service industry. When you take care of other people, including your competitors, then you are helping yourself in the long run. Otherwise, you end up hurting your customers, as they cannot develop a trusting relationship with you. We become our number one competitor if we don’t work in conjunction with our competitors. In the business world the only company you should try to beat is yourself. Do not look at everybody else’s goals to determine yours. Looking at everybody else only leads to becoming like those other companies. Set your benchmark based off your abilities that can consistently provide the market.

Once your benchmark is set it is important that you find the right people for the job. Employees need to fit the part. To meet this challenge you must be one step ahead and have an employee on deck ready to be promoted. The service technician Mr. Crowther hires today will not be in service until 3 to 4 months. This planning increases the confidence in the employee and the customer sees that confidence. In this upcoming generation we lack people skills. That training period helps shape the employee’s ability to communicate and manage Vortex’s external relations they complete a customer job.

Mr. Crowther Managing Vortex’s Employee Relations

Mr. Crowther recognizes that preserving good employees is vital to the success of Vortex. It doesn’t matter where you are, you must surround yourself with good, competent people. That is where success begins for a company. Mr. Crowther is constantly challenged with managing his employee’s abilities, character, and aptitude. True management is managing people. It is walking around the business and being involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. It is teaching employees how to recognize and use their abilities. A competent Team Leader will view its employees as customers and respect them as such.

There is only one way to successfully grow a business. It is to elevate your employees to realize and obtain their full potential. In return employees will lift you up as the Team Leader. As employees get better then so to will the Team Leader. In the service world employees are always run into something they do not understand. If you are taking care of your employees, employees will then care of your customers. You are a team working with others. If you struggle and stress there are a lot of people willing and wanting to help in the Vortex culture. A reverse scenario is also true, if you step on and trample over your employees, your company will not grow. In an effort to lift its employees, Vortex provides all full time employees an option of becoming involved in Vortex’s profit sharing program.

Vortex Business Development

Vortex market niche is in providing exceptional service in repairs and replacements on all types of doors. Vortex’s business is driven in large part through referrals. Saving its customers money and providing exceptional value. Trust leads customers to refer other customers to Vortex’s services. In 2013 Vortex experienced 10% sales growth overall and is looking to continue that trend well into the upcoming years.

Vortex’s biggest inhibitor to growth in Utah is finding the right people. In the service industry you can always experience growth if you have the right people. One of the biggest things Mr. Crowther has learned in the business is to always hire based off attitude and aptitude. If people have a good attitude and are willing to learn with a good aptitude then they will learn. Mr. Crowther often finds himself posting Vortex job openings on KSL and selecting a new hire based on whether the person can be taught and is willing learn.

Second inhibitor to Vortex is an employee not realizing its full potential. Employees often don’t realize what they can really accomplish in life; they block themselves and make it so they can’t succeed. Your responsibility as the Team Leader is to help the employee recognize that full potential. Managers often have more confidence in the new employee than the employees have in themself. We are our worst critics.

Vortex’s Success

Mr. Crowther offers Vortex’s success to three essential attributes. First, is doing what you say your going to do. Second, providing exceptional value to the customer. These attributes are especially important to the service industry. Customers don’t care how much your company knows. They care how much you care about their needs and wants. Show customers how much you know by doing the right things right the first time. When you make a mistake then remedy that mistake in a timely manner. Success comes simply to those who take care of other people. Treat every interaction with a customer as important.

Lastly, is to look the part and act professionally in your dealings. People buy from people they like. Even when your price is below the competition you will not sell if people do not like you. Offer customers value where they least expect. In the event you provide free consulting, this is all part of adding value to the client. As the client sees this they will develop a trusting relationship with your company because they know you care about them. Free services are where the foundation blocks begin for establishing relationships with prospective customers.

Mr. Crowther Legacy

Mr. Crowther seeks a legacy of helping people to recognize their full potential in life. Doing the right things right and keeping people happy. This ranges from taking care of Vortex technicians all the way to its customers. Many times in the corporate world managers will forget that one of its customers is that person sitting at the desk right outside its office. The best person to sell a job is the guy that’s done it. The best service manager is the one that’s done it. Live a life full of experiences where your have exhibited your full potential.