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anthony barney

Anthony Barney

Anthony Barney, otherwise known as Tony, is the second generation owner of the family owned business Advance Manufacturing Technology company, located at 839 South 3600 West in Salt Lake City, Utah. AMT, as they are commonly referred to as, has experienced exceptional growth over its two family generations, including exceptional growth during the Great Recession. What makes AMT unique and different than any other manufacturing company is that it is built upon the integrity, innovation and hard work of Tony, his brothers and especially upon their parents. Their father started the company literally in their own back yard doing custom jobs with his own hands. Now they are approaching $10MM in annual gross sales and continue to grow each year. When asked what was the secret to their success, Tony said, “its all about helping people find what they are passionate about and supporting them in their personal talents.” Being a rocket engineer by trade and at heart, Tony truly understands the power and importance of building a company upon moral ethics and upon the shoulders of competent and trusted employees. “When you have three shifts running 24/7 you realize very quickly that you can’t do it on your own and that you have to depend on others. I’m so very grateful to have such an amazing team of employees who make this company the success that it is.” When asked what was one of the highlights of his tenure as CEO, Tony responded with tears in his eyes, “It was when my parents came home from serving an LDS mission to find that their 3 sons had grown the business to significantly bigger than what they had left before their mission including expanding the corporate offices to 10 times the size it used to be and having my mother tell us how proud she was of us three boys.” To earn a mother’s praise like this, there is truly nothing greater in this world. We were honored to sit at the feet of Tony and to learn from him as he taught us about how he and his brothers and parents had created such a wildly successful company. To read the full interview of this interview, be on the look out for the book where Tony and others like him will be spotlighted through Wells Fargo, Business Minds R and D and the U of U’s research.