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Adam Zimmerman

By June 27, 2018Directory
Adam Zimmerman

Adam Zimmerman

Why US

We firmly believe in providing exceptional customer service to ensure the best experience possible. We provide top quality, reliable products at affordable pricing. Our repairs are always completed in a timely manner. Turn to us and learn more about what we can offer.


Adam was born in Utah, served an LDS mission in Sacramento. After his mission, went right to work doing odd jobs. He graduated with a marketing degree, and has 4 daughters, 1 dog and loves being outside.

Growing up he was the youngest of 6 children. All the children helped in Dad’s shop from time to time, in fact Adam always felt like he had a broom in his hand.


His Dad started the business in 1969 in their basement. The company grew and moved to a building they rented and ended up purchasing in 1991. Most of his siblings moved on to pursue other careers, but Adam stayed on with his father’s company.

After Adam returned from his mission, he officially joined the company. He began selling the services they offered. Shortly after he began, his wife received a promotion and had to move to Colorado. Adam pitched the idea to his Dad to expand the company to Colorado. His Dad agreed to give him 6 months. Adam needed to get to the point where he was selling enough in Colorado to pay for himself or his dad would need to let him go. Within 3 months – Adam was making enough money to justify his salary.

After Adam graduated from Colorado State University, he and his family moved back to Utah. Adam continued to work his way up through the company. He held several positions including project management and eventually bought his father out of the business.

Key ingredients to success

Adam remembers growing up never eating dinner until his Dad got home from work, sometimes very late at night. He learned from his father to work hard, put your sweat equity into it and you will be successful.

His Dad gave him a stack of business cards with quotes and key phrases that really inspired him. Some of them included advice on:

Service your clients
Sales Calls-You never know until you make one
Hard work-be in front of your people
Customer Service-Do what you say you are going to do

Lessons learned from Dad

Run the business, own it, and get knee deep in it.

Make connection with your employees.

Nobody is better than anyone else.

Stand in your integrity.

Never extend yourself financially!

Adam’s Dad stayed involved in the company long after Adam purchased it, up until the age of 82. His Dad passed away in 2009 at the age of 84.


When Adam purchased the company, they had 20 employees and two locations, along with 1 crane. They now have over 100 employees, 10 locations and multiple equipment.


Be clear and concise. Hold each other to higher standards. Be responsible, reliable and don’t cut corners. Employees need to run it like it is their company. Keep the small shop feeling and make real connections!