Matt Warnock

Matt Warnock is the President of Ridgecrest Herbals, a Utah-based company that manufactures and distributes herbal formulas and remedies that his father, Paul, founded in 1994. Before joining Ridgecrest as Chief Operating Officer in 2001, Matt was an entrepreneur and attorney in California’s Silicon Valley. He continues to lead the company to innovate in its product offerings and grow financially.

Try New Approaches

For Matt, a key to business success is to try new approaches to expand. If a current model isn’t working or has areas that need to be shorn up, don’t be afraid to try something different to meet that need. When Matt realized Ridgecrest had some sales areas that its brokers weren’t currently servicing, he took a chance on a new approach to increase sales in those areas. He began a pilot program to place field reps in areas where brokers weren’t present, which enabled the company to reach new customers and increase sales. If your company needs to expand its reach, don’t be afraid to think outside its current models and try out new ones.