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By June 28, 2018Training Blog

Here are 5 non-negotiable principles you must follow in order to achieve your financial goals. Whether your goals are to earn six figures or seven figures per year, every financially successful person has mastered these 5 keys:

1) Find Your Own Personal WHY

The most downloaded TED talk is Simon Sinek’s talk, “Start With Why”. If I place an iron beam a couple inches off the ground and ask you to walk across it for $100, everyone and anyone would do it. But if I were to take that same beam and place it between two skyscrapers thousands of feet up in the air and tell you that I have a $100 to give to the first person to walk across it, I would be surprised if I had any volunteers. However, if we put your child, your spouse or one of your parents on the other side and tell you that your loved one is about to die and that you are the only one who can save them, then not only would you find a way to get across to the other side, but you wouldn’t even need the $100 to do it. This is what our “Why” is. It’s something that will make us move heaven and earth to make it happen and it is something that has nothing to do with money. For you to achieve your financial dreams, you must have this kind of Why otherwise you have lost before you even started.

2) Winning the Head Game

We all have stories that get played on repeat within our own head. Humans on average have over 60,000 different thoughts per day, however 59,000 or roughly 98% of them were the exact same ones we had the day before. For us to improve our financial situations we must learn how to master these stories, especially the negative ones; then we need to fill our mind with new ways of thinking. Our old thought models have become obsolete. If we want to upgrade our financial situations we must upgrade our thought programs.

3) Mastering our Emotions

Every emotion such as fear or love, holds within that emotion a million different words, experiences and memories. In fact, our brain doesn’t store memories as words, it store memories as emotions. The more we can master our emotion, the more we can begin to influence the world around us. The world does not respond to us based upon what it thinks we deserve, but rather the world responds to us based upon how we view ourselves and what we think of ourselves. If we are confident and view ourselves as someone who is financially successful than the world will respond to us to the level in which we feel that emotion.

4) Getting a Coach, Mentor or Group of Individuals who are more Successful than Yourself

I call this the law of conformity. If we mix a glass of hot water with a glass of cold water the resulting glass will take on the temperature of whichever glass was stronger and bigger. If we associate with those with the same financial status as ourselves, then we are mixing with the same temperature of water and no change ever occurs. However, if we can associate with those of warmer water than it will raise the temperature of our glass of water. This applies 100% to our financial situations. We must find mentors and coaches and associate with those who have mastered earning more money than we have.

5) Leveraging a Process/System that has been Tested and Proven to Work

You need a system/process that is like a money machine that you just keep oiled and running smoothly and where all it does is pour money into your bank account every single month. I have developed such a system and process. Download my free Apple app or Android app (on your mobile device) and click on “How To Earn $200k/year” and for free I will share with you what my system is and how it will work for anyone no matter their skill set or background!

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