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Effective Sales Training for Your BusinessDo you feel like you or your sales team have been stuck in a rut and business is starting to suffer? Have you tried a number of your own sales techniques to no avail? If so, it’s time to call the sales and customer service training professionals at Business Minds Research & Development in Salt Lake City, UT. We specialize in business-to-business sales training worldwide, CEO and leadership training, customer service training, and small business training. Our workshops, which focus on a number of different topics, are centered on scientific research that has been shown to help people harness the power of the brain, learn new skills, and perform their job responsibilities at a higher level.

Our sales training workshops focus on three main areas: sales training programs, CEO training programs, and customer service training programs. Here is a little more information about sales training course each of these categories:

Sales Training Programs

We believe that emotional intelligence training needs to be focused on building win-win relationships with current and prospective customers. Business Minds Research & Development’s qualified staff can help you learn successful sales techniques, including communication, time management, engaging your prospects, sales closing techniques, and creating persuasive presentations. These sales tips will help you transform the typical workday from a boring drag into an exciting and profitable adventure.

CEO Training Programs

Leadership training is incredibly valuable because it doesn’t only affect the managers and CEOs, it trickles down to all the employees they oversee. Our sales training workshops methods build on our success in many Utah businesses and will help strengthen workplace structure, improve business-to-business sales, and increase a company’s bottom line.

Customer Service Training Programs

Effective customer service training involves learning basic sales techniques and skills to acquire new clients and understand how to keep current clients happy. This results in a consistent pipeline for networking and referrals from satisfied customers.

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Want to learn more about our best emotional intelligence training methodologies or small business emotional intelligence workshops? Call us at 801.871.5248 or email us at info@businessmindsrandd.com. We are located in the Salt Lake City, UT, area and are able to offer our effective sales workshops and techniques to companies all across the globe. We will work closely with you to ensure that your sales and customer service training programs will resolve the concerns and overcome the challenges that you are dealing with. You can schedule your business to receive the complete series of our workshops or pick the ones you need most.

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All About Sales Training from Business Minds Research & Development

Based on the phenomenal success of training methods and educational materials, Business Minds Research & Development Corporate trains sales professionals, CEOs and customer service personnel to help business owners take their revenues to a whole new level.

These unique sales methodologies are shared in our fun and engaging workshops worldwide. To learn more about our small business training programs, visit the individual Seminars links at the bottom of this page.

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The word is getting out! Here’s what our clients are saying about their sales training success:

“Not only does Business Minds Research & Development know how to sell and can teach others how to dramatically increase their closing ratios, but I have never met a more unselfish business acquaintance who cares just as much about my business as I do! The best part of all of this is that my sales have more than doubled since last year!”

-Emily Edmunds
“One of the reasons for our increased success is not only from the sales principles and techniques that Business Minds Research & Development teaches us, but also from his friendly and supportive way of holding us all accountable to the things we know will increase our revenue.”

-Steve Smith

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