Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the Product?

A. Over the years BMRD has developed a comprehensive curriculum that trains CEOs,
Executives, Managers and Employees on how to better develop their Emotional Intelligence
and People Skills. BMRD has developed a proprietary app along with videos that breaks
down these key skills into 3-5 minute bite size video clips. When a person buys access to our
app they go to our website and pay $100/mo (www.BusinessMindsRandD.com/join-theteam/).
Each month new videos and content are automatically uploaded to the app for users’
educational purposes.


Q. How the App Changes Lives?

A. Here is a list of the areas where our app truly changes lives:
1) Setting and Achieving our Goals
2) The Art and Science of Crucial Conversations
3) Increasing our Passion
4) How to Increase our Persuasion
5) Becoming a Master of Influence
6) How to Psychologically Profile Others
7) How to Become a Better Communicator
8) How to Increase One’s Sales
9) How to Become a More Influential Leader/Manager/Parent
10) How to Move from War to Peace
And many more topics; we have over 300+ topics to help individuals get more
of what they want!!!


Q. How do I become eligible for profit sharing and thus commissions?

A. When a new person purchases the app they are considered a customer for legal purposes
and once they have recruited one person they then move up to becoming a Company
Founder. Here is how profit sharing is earned:

Level 0 – You become a customer by paying $100/mo ($100/mo once we launch.
During pre-launch it is just $100 one time).

Level 1 – One level filled below you – $30 per month of profit sharing (0 new customer
recruits required to unlock these commissions).

Level 2 – Second level filled below you – $111 per month of profit sharing (0 new
customer recruits required to unlock these commissions).

Level 3 – Third level filled below you – $327 per month of profit sharing (0 new
customer recruits required to unlock these commissions).

Level 4 – Fourth level filled below you – $894 per month of profit sharing (1 new
customer recruit required to unlock these commissions).

Level 5 – Fifth level filled below you – $2,352 per month of profit sharing (2 new
customer recruits required to unlock these commissions).

Level 6 – Sixth level filled below you – $5,997 per month of profit sharing (3 new
customer recruits required to unlock these commissions).

Level 7 – Seventh level filled below you – $16,932 per month of profit sharing (4 new
customer recruits required to unlock these commissions).


Q. What is the commission structure by level (not aggregated, by level)?

A. The commission schedule is as follows:
Starting Point – You invest $100/mo in your own personal development
0 Level – You – $0
1st Level – 10% – $30
2nd Level – 9% – $81
3rd Level – 8% – $216
4th Level – 7% – $567
5th Level – 6% – $1,458
6th Level – 5% – $3,645
7th Level – 5% – $10,935
Total Per Month: $16,932
Total Per Year: $203,184


Q. Why have a Pre-Launch?

A. As you probably know network marketing companies grow like wildfire. This can be a
wonderful thing and it can also be the very thing that causes a company to have problems. In
an effort to be wise and grow at a pace that we can keep up with, we have chosen to do a
Founding Members Pre-Launch, by capping our Company Founding members when level 9 is
filled. After we have analyzed our backend operations, purchased the $100k software to
manage the tracking of commissions, etc and after we feel like we are in a safe place we will
have a public launch party and will make the official grand opening of the company public


Q. What is BMRD Team Matrix approach?

A. We have a team approach to helping all of us achieve our financial goals in life. We
believe that many hands make light work and that when we work together that our synergy
makes us all unstoppable! We have what is called a team corporate matrix. What this means
is that everyone joins the corporate matrix first. This way everyone can help each other to fill
the levels and ensures that there are never any holes or breakages. Our team matrix will be
capped at 13 full levels at which time, no further company founders will be allowed in. We will
then put corporate sales below the 13th level to ensure that those profits go up to
compensate those last levels so that every spot that has recruited their 4 customers will all be
maxed out at $203k/year.


Q. What if I or someone else wants to cancel or drop out?

A. There is no fee to cancel, withdrawal or drop out and you may do this at any time. In
addition, there are no refunds that are granted to anyone. If someone drops out, in lieu of
given any refunds, they will be given a life time subscription to the app. Whenever a hole
opens up that hole potentially represents a given amount of profit sharing. For example lets
say that someone has 4 levels below them and for whatever reason they decide to drop out.
With 4 complete levels below them that spot will represent $894 of monthly income. At this
point the person who recruited that customer has three options:

1) They themselves can buy that spot for $100/mo and will immediately begin earning
2) They can offer that spot to a loved one who can buy that spot for $100/mo and thus
be eligible for commissions.
3) The last option is you can wait 30 days at which point the company will move
everyone up one spot and will thus automatically fill that spot.


Q. What happens to my commission if one of my four customer recruits drops out?

A. As a customer and after you have recruited your four people you have now become an
official Company Founder and as long as you are paying your $100/mo you will for ever be
eligible for your commissions, even if one of your four customers cancels.


Q. What is gaming the system?

A. Gaming the system is illegal and is described as the follow: you purchase 1 spot as a
founding member and then buy 4 more spots to unlock the commissions for the 1st spot and
then you never recruit another customer. This hurts us as a company because those four
additional spots you bought would never keep replicating and thus the company would never
grow at the rate it was designed to grow.


Q. What is the worse case scenario?

A. For those who have taken the risk and signed up as a Company Founder they have each
paid $100 one time. The worse case scenario is that we never get to launch. If this happens
the worse case scenario is that you as a Founding Member would be out $100 (no refunds
allowed), but you would have access to the app for life. The app is worth $100/mo or $1200/
year and so in essence you would have received the app for life for a one time risk of $100.


Q. When did BMRD adopt a Corporate America/Network Marketing hybrid sales model?

A. As of June 26, 2017 we began the Pre-Launch phase of launching our new sales force and
thus new product. After we have our Founding 10,000 Members and after we are confident
that our backend office can keep up with the growth we will then officially launch to the public.


Q. What is this Get Away Vacation for two?

A. For every Founding Member who recruits their 4 customers within 30 days and as long as
they are paying their $100/mo and they have 7 full levels below them they then become
eligible and have thus earned an annual, all expense paid, get away for 2.


Q. Does BMRD have any debt?

A. BMRD has zero debt nor any financial liabilities other than to its company founders via the
payment of profit sharing and commissions. It is BMRD’s intentions to never assume any


Q. How do I sponsor a non-profit, charitable organization or just another person?

A. Sponsoring a person, non-profit, church or any other charitable organization is a great way
to give back to the community. Business Minds R and D was founded on the value of putting
people and the greater good above profits. Here’s how sponsoring a person, church, nonprofit
or charitable organization works:

1) The donor chooses a person or organization to sponsor.
2) The donor purchases a spot within the Company Team Matrix and puts the
ownership of that spot in both their name and the charitable organization’s
3) The sponsor recipient is charged with the responsibility of finding 4 other $100
4) When profits/commissions are dispersed, according to the plan in this document, the
profit sharing split between the donor and sponsor recipient is dictated by what
the two parties agreed upon when the sponsorship was originally set up. For
example, assume my name is John Smith and I have decided to donate to the
Boy Scouts of America. Upon setting this up I would put the $100 investment
spot in both my name and BSA’s name and would then in parentheses put the
split of how I would like the profits to be shared.
It would thus look like this:
John Smith/BSA (25%/75%) where 25% of the profits sharing would go to
John Smith and 75% would go to BSA.
Another example would be as follows:
John Smith/BSA (60%/40%) where 60% of the profit sharing would go to
John Smith and 40% would go to BSA.


Q. When was BMRD founded?

A. BMRD was founded in January 2013.


Q. Where is BMRD’s corporate headquarters located?

A. BMRD is located at 8700 South 450 West, Suite C, Sandy, UT 84070


Q. What is BMRD’s corporate contact info?

A. Info@BusinessMindsRandD.com or 801.871.5248