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Pat Richter

Pat Richter is the president of Americom Technology, a family owned business started in 1981. Americom Technology, located at 5303 W 2400 South England Ct, West Valley City, UT, started with three family members around the dining room table and has expanded into a company with 100+ employees.  Strong values were an important part of Americom business from the start and was founded with the values of Integrity, Hard Work, Exceptional Customer Service, and Team Work.

When asked top three business lessons learned, Pat replies the following:

Determine what your values are and don’t waiver even if it means losing business. Your name and reputation is attached to every job.

Fail Fast – new ideas don’t always work. Nurture and give it your best efforts but know when to cut the strings. There comes a time it doesn’t make sense to continue down the path.

Focus on growing your inside team and your outside team. Growing your inside team includes diversity and understanding everyone has different strengths and talents. Understand each individual’s strengths – utilize, appreciate and grow them.  It is also import to focus on your outside team, meaning build a team of professionals to support you– attorney, CPA, financial institution, and business coach.

Pat grew up on a farm in Nebraska. He first got interested in electronics at a young age watching his cousin fix the dial on a radio. Pat’s parents recognized the curiosity and gave him a technology package for Christmas where he continued building on his interests. Pat has eight siblings, seven of which became successful entrepreneurs.

To read Pat’s full interview, watch for the book where Pat and other like him will be spotlighted through Wells Fargo Bank, Business Minds R & D, and the University of Utah’s research study.

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Douglas Castillo

 I am pleased to have the opportunity to get to use my specific skill set to collaborate with you. Since 2006, I have been successfully consulting with companies and business owners from a broad range of industries; online health products, high-end wholesale spa products, hospitality and service businesses, real estate, private personal health coaches and more. The best of the best in ALL industries benefit from coaching! Now so to you!

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Curtis Swenson

In 1997 I read a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. That was the beginning of my transformation. Louise Hay philosophy was very different from the things I learned growing up. Applying the principles that she taught brought powerful changes to my life. I wanted as much of it as I could get. So I travelled to San Diego, CA for 8 days of training to certify as a Louise Hay Teacher and Coach. The things I learned there have been more useful to me than my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I immediately began building a coaching clientele and leading workshops to show others how to love themselves.

In 2008 I attended a workshop called the “Soul Purpose Intensive.” It was there I discovered that my Soul Purpose (the purpose of my soul, or life purpose) was to assist others to get what they want. In other words, I was born to coach!

When I found Outlook, in 2009, I felt like I was home. My inner work intensified and I ceased to fear the judgment of others. I’d learned to love myself and now I began to open my heart, even more, to others. I’d been practicing non-judgment for 12 years and was now able to create a safe space, for my clients to fully express themselves and allow me to draw out of them the solutions they seek.

I don’t tell my clients what to want or what to do to get it. I ask questions that lead them to decide what they want and how they want to get it. The biggest change I see in myself is the level of peace that I feel. I love to show others how to achieve that for themselves. There is nothing more satisfying than to give someone some tools and then watch them build a beautiful life for themselves!

I am married to the most beautiful woman on the planet and have four wonderful children. My passions are coaching, relationships, basketball , muscle cars, and improving myself.

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Angela Martindale

Angela Martindale

Angela Martindale transforms lives from ordinary to extraordinary. A highly sought after lifestyle, fitness and nutritional coach to countless Hollywood moguls, models and celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jimmy Buffet, and Katie Couric. Angela knows exactly what it takes to achieve the most ambitious fitness and health goals imaginable.

After living and working in California, later New York and then traveling the world, she gained traction and a clientele among the rich and famous, who often flew her in their private jets to coach them in Sun Valley, Florida, New York and Europe. She once even basked in luxury as a private yoga instructor while living on a 12-acre estate in Maui, Hawaii. Eventually “glitzed out,” she sensed this wasn’t the reality she wanted. “My life had become their life,” she recalls. “I knew I wanted to be more than just a celebrity trainer.”

In 2006, she came back home to set roots and give Utahns the same celebrity treatment that her famous clients enjoyed. After settling in Olympus Cove, she started Transform, a lifestyle-coaching company geared toward cultivating physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She also created Meals That Transform, a conscious food delivery service of all-natural, organic, healthy meals delivering 3,200 meals a week to Park City and the greater Salt Lake City area, with a high demand to start franchising around the country. Celebrities fly into Salt Lake City and stay in hotels while Angela feeds them and trains their minds and bodies into optimum health. Her clients range in age from 7 to 92, and some of them are afflicted with breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and eating disorders. When she’s not feeding and training her clients, Angela is hard at work on her own exercise and healthy eating regiment. In 2006 she was ranked Nationally in the Miss Model Universe after prepping herself with three-hour daily workouts.

The multi-faceted entrepreneur Angela Martindale is known for her compassion, confidence and inspirational achievements and has become a role model for both men and woman today. She was named Top Fitness Trainer in Utah by Healthy Utah Magazine and was awarded Best of Salt Lake City 2013. She leads seminars for high-end gyms, spas and corporations all over the world and hosts motivational retreats and fitness camps throughout the year. With so much demand on her time and desire to bring her expertise to the masses, Angela created “The Ultimate Transformation Series” and “Chi Yoga Flow” programs, now airing on ABC and on this website. Currently, she is working on the development of a new TV series ‘I AM Angela Martindale = Living the 360 Life’ that will include in-depth behind the scenes interviews of today’s top athletes, celebrities, and business moguls to explore how they manage nutrition, exercise, work, and social aspects of living a balanced 360 life. Angela’s transformational success stories reach millions of readers, TV, video and online viewers every month.

Today she is focused on helping individuals find the power and drive within themselves to do anything they desire. “People that are happy, healthy and fit on a regular basis are not born that way,” stated Angela in a recent interview. “There are patterns of success and failure that as humans we can learn from in our own life, from our own experiences. If we choose to be successful, we will be.” She is definitely well received in the media arena, as she has been featured on,, ABC and NBC affiliates, Vogue, as well as ongoing placement in the Salt Lake Tribune, Healthy Utah, IN Entertainment, Heart and Soul Magazine, and she has graced the cover of OM Times Magazine.

Martindale graduated from the School of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is an international fitness expert in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics. She holds current certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. She holds a certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), additionally; she is certified through YogaFit as a yoga instructor and National Trainer.

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Adam Robison

 Adam was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. Wrestled on scholarship for Brigham Young University in Provo, UT where he graduated on the dean’s list with a B.S. in Economics; later he added a minor in chemistry. Adam has extensive experience in the selling profession having sold for Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company as a pharma rep where he placed in the top 10% of the company. Later he sold door to door for New York Life Insurance Company as a life insurance salesman, which later led to a promotion at Beneficial Financial Group as a sales manger and finally was recruited to Bankers Life and Casualty as the District Sales Manager and Territorial VP. After his time in the life insurance and financial services business he opened and operated his own private hedge fund. Now he serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Business Minds Research and Development as a revenue consultant. Adam and his sweetheart Ashley are the proud parents of 7 children: Lincoln, Cayson, Trystan, Lily, Ashlyn, Luke and Finn. Other than playing soccer Adam doesn’t have many hobbies, in large part because when one has 7 children that entails a lot of soccer, lacrosse and football games every Saturday!

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Regan Sutalo

You could say I was born into fashion.   My earliest memories as a toddler include helping my beautiful mother in either of her two chic, yet classically in vogue dress shops which she owned.   My mother passed this passion on to me causing me to study and graduate with a college degree in fashion.  My early work experience in a high-end clothing retailer gave my imagination the opportunity to run free.  At nineteen I began selling men’s suits with all that comes with it. The position and training I received gave me a true understanding of how to “style” a man.  Within my first year I was out selling the top sales person with 20 + years’ experience.  After a couple of years, I was given that same opportunity with women’s fashion which I sold and consulted for several years.  To round out my professional experience I worked and trained with the best in cosmetics “Lancôme Paris” who provided extensive training in skin care and makeup application.

Many of us spend thousands on an education, yet when that is applied to the “real world” we do not understand why that does not take us where we want to go with our careers.  It takes seven seconds for your manager/clients to decide how qualified you are, how well you manage, how hard you work etc.…. it isn’t by your education or your resume.  The first thing you WILL be judged on is how you are dressed and groomed. This includes how they perceive your confidence through your body stature and baring.  I truly believe that we are all handsome/beautiful human beings, there is no formal education in how to define YOU that is where I come in.  Your image is VERY PERSONAL, I am here to help you “define it” and make it work for you instead of against you. I want to help you and your organization make that first impression count.

I am so blessed to be married to a gorgeous “Image Defined” man that rocks my world every day. I have three beautiful children and two of the cutest grandsons there could ever be.

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Anthony Barney

 Anthony Barney, otherwise known as Tony, is the second generation owner of the family owned business Advance Manufacturing Technology company, located at 839 South 3600 West in Salt Lake City, Utah.  AMT, as they are commonly referred to as, has experienced exceptional growth over its two family generations, including exceptional growth during the Great Recession.  What makes AMT unique and different than any other manufacturing company is that it is built upon the integrity, innovation and hard work of Tony, his brothers and especially upon their parents.  Their father started the company literally in their own back yard doing custom jobs with his own hands.  Now they are approaching $10MM in annual gross sales and continue to grow each year.  When asked what was the secret to their success, Tony said, “its all about helping people find what they are passionate about and supporting them in their personal talents.” Being a rocket engineer by trade and at heart, Tony truly understands the power and importance of building a company upon moral ethics and upon the shoulders of competent and trusted employees.  “When you have three shifts running 24/7 you realize very quickly that you can’t do it on your own and that you have to depend on others. I’m so very grateful to have such an amazing team of employees who make this company the success that it is.” When asked what was one of the highlights of his tenure as CEO, Tony responded with tears in his eyes, “It was when my parents came home from serving an LDS mission to find that their 3 sons had grown the business to significantly bigger than what they had left before their mission including expanding the corporate offices to 10 times the size it used to be and having my mother tell us how proud she was of us three boys.” To earn a mother’s praise like this, there is truly nothing greater in this world.  We were honored to sit at the feet of Tony and to learn from him as he taught us about how he and his brothers and parents had created such a wildly successful company. To read the full interview of this interview, be on the look out for the book where Tony and others like him will be spotlighted through Wells Fargo, Business Minds R and D and the U of U’s research.

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Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans, Owner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer

I am a wife of 24 years and mother of 5 children ages 20-10, and was born and raised near Salt Lake City, Utah. My favorite things are the outdoors and nature and enjoy camping, hiking, playing, jogging, yoga, dancing and spending time with family and friends in any of the above areas.

As a certified Reiki Master and energy therapist. I have developed a holistic healing system using kinesiology and intuition to access your bodies priority in its healing needs; emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, as all aspects of the body interplay for complete wellness. I am certified and have training in herbology, essential oils, Theta Healing, energy medicine and Reiki.

My business, Heart Centered Healing, is located in Farmington Utah. I  enjoy teaching a variety of healing classes including ecstatic dance, Reiki, heart space classes. I love giving clients Reiki sessions and doing phone healing sessions with clients that are life changing. I created an online energy healing and ascension school, I am also a practitioner of the Dancing Crane wellness monthly fair, as an offering for the community in Salt Lake City.

I have a passion for helping others find greater clarity and closeness to their higher power along with accessing their own spiritual gifts and living a life of abundance. As far as my niche, I am an Intuitive Empathetic Healer who loves to help guide a client’s body, mind and spirit to realign itself with health and the natural flow of healing energy and abundance. I find great joy in helping and connecting with others.

I have a bachelors degree in Education. Stepped out of teaching in the school systems to transition over to helping people heal their body, mind and spirit. I have been doing energy clearing and alternative healing for others  for 8 years. My professional business was opened in 2015.

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Robert Hopkins

I would like to introduce Robert Hopkins aka ‘Hop’

In joining with our company Robert brings to the table an immense diversified talents our operational expertise of 25 years plus. His expansive repertoire of skill sets include, opening and operating 13 different hospitality operations, owning 3 different companies including a wine retail store, consulting company and importation/distribution Company for Washington, Californian and First time in America French wines. He ties up his talents with the chef expertise in cooking, nutritionist in clinical operations and ultimately being an amazing mentor teacher to anyone who he crosses path with. We are looking forward to allowing his passion to touch your lives.

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Dustin Hansen



Franchise Owner & CEO,

InXpress Americas

Dustin Hansen was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah. He is a franchise owner and CEO for InXpress Americas, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2006, InXpress Americas is hyper-focused on continually delivering value to its customers. It accomplishes this mission primarily through providing shipping services to people around the world.

Mr. Hansen Personal Background

Mr. Hansen grew up in West Jordan, Utah. He spent most of his childhood playing on the baseball diamonds in the park with is father, brothers and friends. Mr. Hansen attended college at Utah Valley University where he achieved his pilot’s license and Bachelors Degree in Aviation. Mr. Hansen, a father of three, recognizes that his kids are more important to him than his work.

Mr. Hansen Work Experience

After completing a church mission in Georgia, Mr. Hansen resumed his work in the aviation industry. Mr. Hansen became interested in the concept of franchising and wanted to own his own business. He looked at the franchising model as a way of furthering his creativity. As Mr. Hansen states, “creativity is taking someone else’s idea and improving it.” Mr. Hansen came across Xpress Worldwide from the UK for a franchising opportunity. Express Worldwide was looking to expand its operations to the United States and Mr. Hansen was up for the challenge to become the first to franchise of the Xpress business model to the U.S. market.

InXpress USA opened in 2006 with Mr. Hansen, at the age of 23, being the first franchise for InXpress to the U.S. market. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Hansen worked creatively to establish InXpress in an already competitive shipping industry. By 2009, Mr. Hansen was named CEO of InXpress USA. After successfully operating in the United States, InXpress expanded its operations to Canada and was renamed to InXpress Americas. InXpress currently operates in 15 countries and 350 franchises globally. It is estimated that InXpress will achieve $40 million in gross revenues in American and just under $100 million globally.

Under its pure franchising model, the corporate offices of InXpress don’t own each franchise, but rather the franchisees own the franchise.

Mr. Hansen Franchising InXpress Americas

Mr. Hansen views franchising as the perfect opportunity for someone that wants to open their own business. It is an opportunity for them to achieve the personal success of managing a business before they open the doors to their own business. Under the franchising model the business idea or concept is already created. What is left is for the franchisee to execute their own plan for the business idea to succeed. Franchisees control every activity in their InXpress franchise. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. Mr. Hansen largely created InXpress Americas business model by looking to other models for shipping companies and making it better and expanding it. Mr. Hansen recognizes he must grow with his business or the business will exceed his own competencies. If this happens then all that is left is essentially being replaced.

At this point Mr. Hansen recognizes four primary lessons learned after operating InXpress Americas for nearly eight years. Mr. Hansen starts by quoting Zig Ziglar; “obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.” When you focus on the obstacles that lay ahead then you that is now evidence you have changed your vision. You only see obstacles when you are looking for obstacles. When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.

Second lesson is persistence. You only achieve the momentum of success after you have hit and passed the point where you think all is lost. Persistence is the key that separates the success from the non-successful people. They are the ones that will hold on long enough to realize the success.

Third, a person must have a vision that is big enough to drive them. “Courage isn’t the absence of fear but that the thing you are trying to get is bigger than the fear.” Everyone experiences fear in his or her lives. The reason that you still take that challenge even though you have fear is because you know that what you are trying to achieve is much greater than the fear you must go through. That lesson is crucial and goes back to being persistent.

Last, is living the premise that every moment counts. If you want to be great at what ever you want to be great at then you have to do small daily disciplines everyday consistently, then you will achieve it. This is the basic concept established in the book Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness. This is what its all about for business owners and CEOs. You must do small things yourself everyday. At the beginning you generally don’t see it. Then at one point down the road you will see two paths, and you are on that path to success.

Future Business Development

Moving forward, Mr. Hansen recognizes one of the most significant challenges he faces for the future is finding excellent, talented people. Only after you can find someone that is better than you then your business will move forward. You must always put someone in a position that is better than you. Without good people you just don’t go anywhere. Mr. Hansen wants his people (employees, franchisees, vendors) happy, challenged, and fulfilled. If people have all three, then the company will get the results it is looking for. As the CEO, Mr. Hansen is constantly focused on how InXpress Americas can improve within itself. Essentially it all goes down to hiring people that are better than you, then organizing the workforce so everyone can use that knowledge.

Another challenge is hiring and training exceptional sales managers. Mr. Hansen’s goal moving forward is how he can raise the competency level of its franchisees. Successful sales managers are achieved by training them well and by the sales manager realizing they will have no money if they don’t sell. That is the nature of the beast. This is one of the primary factors changing the commonly Owner Operator franchisees into Business Owner franchises. In the Business Owner franchise the manager become the owner once they higher people. The struggle arises with sales managers not being patient and holding their sales reps accountable.

Mr. Hansen wants to leave a legacy that people had their lives changed and fulfilled more of their full potential because of being involved and knowing him. People accomplished more than what they thought they ever could. “I want people to believe in themselves more, do more than they ever thought they could do because they were associated with Dustin. Ultimately I want to teach people how to manage their own business so that it creates time for them to build memories with their family. That is what I want to do. If you are at work all day long then you are not building those memories with your families. You should have the opportunity to build memories with you families when and where you want to.”

Over the next three years Mr. Hansen is focused on proving exceptional service to its ever-expanding customer base. His goal in the next 10 years is to achieve $1 billion dollars in gross revenue. To achieve this it is looking to how it can add value to its customer base and in return achieve its goals. His three characteristics of a successful franchisee include: 1.) Someone that is very competitive, 2.) Someone that is willing to learn, & 3.) Someone that has a big “why.” People always need something that drives them to succeed in life!

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