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Master the art of communication with every prospect, which involves identifying and selling the way your prospect wants to buy.

“The moment we set eyes on someone, our minds make evaluations and judgments with lightning speed. The same is true for prospects who must assess us.”

Becoming a successful salesperson doesn’t just happen automatically. Just because you persistently make phone calls and pitch your products doesn’t mean that people will automatically buy what you are selling. You must be able to understand your customers and master the art of business communication workshops.

Instead, successful sales professionals don’t need to waste time on cold calls because they both get their messages across and understand the needs and motivations of their customers. Is your buyer skeptical of your claims, perhaps, or frustrated with other purchases? Does the person respond to a fun, casual approach or does he want to know all the details? Does she want to call the shots or does she thrive by finding a solution everyone will like? This course will show how to read and understand these different types of people and how to effectively respond to them. Mastering these techniques will move your business toward successful sales and happier customers.

The art of communication involves mastering a number of different sales skills – observing, listening, asking questions, and speaking clearly. It involves more than just the obvious spoken word. It also includes what the other party heard or didn’t hear. Business communication programs involves every word, every action, every reaction, every deliberate or unintended impression, and every stimulation of the five senses. In general, communication involves the sum of all interaction between people.

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins

This sales training program is designed to help you learn to understand the way your client thinks and communicates. The expert sales techniques you will learn let you take advantage of every sales opportunity. The challenge of this task is that every person you come in contact with is inherently different from the next. By learning the effective sales skills included in this seminar, including observing and listening to your clients, you can gain an additional advantage in every sales opportunity that comes your way.

The principles and topics taught in this sales training include:

  • Methods of Communication
  • Body Language
  • Personality Types
  • Self-Perception
  • Appearance
  • Dress and Grooming
  • Listening
  • Speech
  • Voice
  • Intonation
  • Volume
  • Pitch
  • Tone

“Know yourself to improve yourself.” – Auguste Comte

In addition to understanding your customers’ communication patterns, this seminar will also include the effective sales techniques of understanding yourself and clarifying your personality. While this might seem simple, many failed sales professionals have neglected this important step. Learning this will allow you to utilize your own unique skills and talents to drive more sales and help you become more successful in your career.

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